Computer Science and IT e-Book Collection

A Collection of e-Books in Emerging Areas of Computer Science, Such as Artificial Intelligence, Computer Engineering, and Web Technologies
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Computer Science and Information Technology e-Book Collection
A Collection of 2,200+ e-Books in Emerging Areas of Computer Science, Including Artificial Intelligence, Computer Engineering, Web Technologies, and More.
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About IGI Global Computer Science and Information Technology e-Book Collection

With an increase of interest in computer science and information technology fields, this subject e-collection provides scholarly content to researchers and librarians looking to fuel their collection of innovative content. This collection contains 2,200+ e-books published by scholarly professionals at a fraction of the cost of individual publications.

Computer Science and Information Technology e-Book Collection Core Topic Coverage Includes:

  • Cloud Computing
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Computer Engineering
  • Decision Support Systems
  • High Performance Computing
  • IT Research and Theory
  • Network Architecture
  • Systems and Software Architecture

Computer Science and Information Technology e-Book Collection - Annual Subscription (2,200- 2,250+ Titles*)

LevelRelevant FTE2022 Pricing
1Small CollegesUS$ 6,425
22,500 - 9,999US$ 7,755
310,000 - 24,999US$ 10,400
425,000 - or MoreUS$ 12,855
5Corporate or GovernmentContact IGI Global

Computer Science and Information Technology e-Book Collection - Perpetual Purchase

Content Purchased2022 Pricing
One-Time Purchase 2022 (200 - 250+ Titles*)US$ 15,750
One-Time Purchase 2000-2022 (2,200 - 2,250+ Titles*)US$ 32,575
Update 2022 (200 - 250+ Titles*) for Existing CustomersUS$ 13,230
*Note that the number of titles is based on projections, and as such, the final title count is subject to change.

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