IGI Global is committed to publishing quality, peer reviewed titles that introduce currently emerging concepts, theories, predictions, technologies, and solutions within 11 core subject areas:

Business and Management

Titles address the need for forward-thinking research geared toward the advancement of concepts, theories, and applications that allow organizations and professionals to not only survive, but also thrive.

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Computer Science and Information Technology

Titles cover the timeliest, need-to-know themes currently trending within the field, such as fog computing, intelligent systems, the IoT and IoE, big data, and robotics, with a strong emphasis on troubleshooting, quality control, and agility.

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Titles offer pioneering theories and practices that pave the way for better teaching and learning experiences, both in a classroom and online setting.

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Environmental, Agricultural, and Physical Sciences

Titles offer innovative solutions and emerging technologies essential for the successful stabilization of the environment and its inhabitants.

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Government and Law

Titles offer pioneering revelations and solutions on key areas including, but not limited to: conflict resolution, e-government applications, civic engagement, and information management and sharing techniques.

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Library and Information Science

Titles aid in the implementation of new techniques and technologies that advance library services and processes.

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Media and Communications

Titles explore critical topics such as political rhetoric, digital media progressions, creative interfaces, and communication theory, among many others.

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Medical, Healthcare, and Life Sciences

Titles takes into consideration this need to further advance innovation through titles focused on education, ethics, service delivery, research methods, administration and leadership.

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Science and Engineering

Titles highlights different methods, applications, discoveries, and dialogues on some of the most prevalent research topics, including, but not limited to: energy optimization, structural engineering, metal-corrosion protection, hydropower, biomedical robotics, petroleum engineering, flood prevention, among others.

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Security and Forensics

Titles contain the most forward-thinking discoveries, practices, and systems just starting to be utilized for protection from technological and physical harm.

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Social Sciences and Humanities

Titles offer in-depth examinations, theories, and predictions on cultural practices and how they affect individual lives, relationships, and routines.

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