Leadership Criteria for Managing Successful Book and Journal Projects

By Erin Watson on Feb 1, 2022
It is our mission at IGI Global to publish timely, innovative knowledge. We understand the importance of representing a wide array of research from every region of the world. Just as important as allowing even the most niche research areas to make their mark on the academic research community, researchers at all stages of their careers should also be given the platform to share their advanced research results. We pride ourselves in our ability to feature diverse insight in our collections.
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Leading a book or journal project requires a high-level of command over a topic area paired with the skillsets needed to manage contributions and a publishing schedule. It is important for those who are considering leading a project to understand the demands of the project as well as meet the leadership criteria that can lead to a successful publication. Listed below are standards for editor- and authorship that have led to highly impactful publications.
Book Publications
Due to the advanced nature of scholarly research, book project leaders should demonstrate a blend of academic and
professional expertise.
books on tableBook Author and Editor Criteria:
  • PhD or equivalent degree should be held by at least the first editor or author of the book.
  • Academic and professional experience should align with the scope of the book.
  • Prior publishing experience should be showcased. Previous full book projects are preferred but not necessary. However, there should at least be evidence of book chapter and journal article publishing within reputable sources.
  • An established network of colleagues and professionals in their field. Editors should be prepared to utilize this network for garnering chapter submissions for the book.
  • Active within their field in roles that could include conference organizers/chairs, keynote speakers, association/society members, workshop participants, etc.
  • Time management skills to adhere to deadlines and keep the book on track for its completion deadline.
  • Communication skills for prompt and continual correspondence with contributing authors, reviewers, and the IGI
    Global staff.
  • Personal skills necessary for completing a book project including but not limited to management, leadership, and
    writing skills
  • Where possible, collaborative leadership is encouraged where editors or authors are included from several different regions in order to support diverse contributions and perspectives.
It is also important that early career researchers have the opportunity to lead book projects; however, it is advisable for such individuals to add co-editors or co-authors to the project who are academically established, have previous leadership experience, and possesses global connections in order to ensure the success of the book.
Editor(s)-in-Chief should have academic and professional experience that demonstrates excellence in the field.
stack of journalsJournal Editor-in-Chief Criteria:
  • PhD or equivalent degree.
  • Past experience working with journals in a leadership capacity, such as in the Editor-in-Chief, guest editor, managing editor, associate editor, and/or editorial review board
    member roles.
  • Well-established academic and professional networks that can be utilized to continuously garner submissions for the journal as well as ensure diversity of authorship.
  • Active participation in their field including demonstrated leadership roles such as conference chair/organizer, workshop organizer, keynote speaker, etc.
  • Communication skills to ensure timely correspondence with contributing authors, reviewers, and IGI Global staff.
  • Time management skills to ensure the timely completion of the double-blind peer review process.
  • Other personal skills necessary for managing a journal including but not limited to prioritization, leadership, and
    writing skills
Publishing Opportunities
Editors and authors who are interested in pursuing book or journal projects with IGI Global may submit a proposal using the respective links:
Alternatively, should you be interested in publishing but are not yet ready to take on a full book or journal project, please visit the Call for Papers page to view books and journals that are currently seeking chapter and article submissions.
IGI Global’s editorial and author relations teams are adept at assisting editors with their projects, from helping to find a niche that the book can fit into in the research community, to providing guidance on positioning the title for maximum exposure and success. We would be more than happy to discuss potential topics or answer questions about editor responsibilities and the publishing process. Please contact us at acquisition@igi-global.com.
For open access book publishing opportunities, please see the article “Open Access Books – A Growing Phenomenon”.
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