The Importance of Securing OA Funding Prior to Submission

By IGI Global Open Access Division on Mar 16, 2022
When submitting an article or chapter manuscript to any publication, there are lots of items that authors must check off their list to ensure that there are no hiccups that could potentially cause a delay or halt in publication. In the case of open access (OA) publishing, there is an additional item to check off the list: ensuring that OA funding has been secured for the work in the event the manuscript is accepted following the peer review process.
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Peer Review Process
OA publishing does require the payment of open access processing charges (article processing charges (APCs) and chapter processing charges (CPCs)) that replace the revenue structure that would have been covered when the published work was only accessible behind a paywall. Because OA publications are freely accessible to all under Creative Commons Licensing, the only way for publishers to be able to support all the costs associated with publishing the work is through OA processing charges. APCs and CPCs cover all the activities associated with the publication of the OA article or chapter manuscript. Such activities for OA manuscripts include:
  • Digital tools used to support the manuscript management and review processes
  • Editorial support
  • Submission of the publication’s content to numerous abstracts, directories, and indexes
  • Typesetting, formatting, and layout
  • Third-party software (e.g. plagiarism checks)
  • Line-by-line English language copy editing and proofreading*
  • Online hosting
  • All promotional support and activities
  • All published OA content will be freely accessible and able to be posted and disseminated widely by the authors
* Service provided for manuscripts with fully paid APCs or CPCs.
Payment of OA processing charges is not required until after the manuscript has gone through the full double-blind peer review process and the Editor(s) or Editor(s)-in-Chief has/have formally accepted the manuscript.
So what happens if you don’t have funding secured?
The importance of having OA funding secured early in the process is paramount in the timeline of getting the work officially published. Even if the work has been accepted into a journal or book, it cannot proceed with final publication until the OA processing charge is paid.
Once an article or chapter manuscript has been accepted for publication following the double-blind peer review process, IGI Global’s customer service department will receive notification and reach out to the authors of the article or chapter manuscript for the APC or CPC payment. At that point in time, if the author does not have a funding body who can pay the fee or if they themselves cannot pay the fee, then the work is placed on hold. If funding is never secured, the work will ultimately be either converted to standard access (if the source publication, the journal or book, is hybrid open access (provides OA and non-OA publishing options), or it will be rejected if the source publication is gold OA (only provides an OA publishing option)).
Current Concerning Trends
Because of the ability for publishers to track manuscript submission trends through the use of online submission systems, many publishers are observing habitual occurrences of the same authors submitting work to gold OA publications, undergoing the full peer review process, with no intent to pay the OA processing charges if the work is accepted. It is important to note that this is deemed to be unethical practice as it can be viewed as exploiting the peer review process and other tools/resources used within the submission process.
Where to Find Funding
For authors looking for potential OA funding resources, please visit IGI Global’s Open Access Funding Resources webpage and view this blog post for guidance.
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