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For over 30 years, IGI Global has collaborated with thousands of prominent researchers around the world to publish innovative academic reference materials. In collaboration with these authors from top-tier institutions including Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Harvard University, Stanford University, Columbia University, Johns Hopkins University, University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, Tsinghua University, Australian National University, and many more, IGI Global has solidified its commitment to disseminating scholarly forward-thinking content to the research community.

While adhering to a strict, yet concise peer review process, we strive to offer authors and editors a seamless publishing experience by aiding in the conceptualization, development, production, marketing, and distribution of their research. Our personalized one-on-one care, expeditious publishing process, supportive technologies, sound ethical practice, and desire to see your research shared worldwide set us apart as a distinguished and reputable publishing house.

For additional information, we have compiled this comprehensive brochure showcasing our history and achievements as well as some of the authors, editors, publications, and services that have made us who we are today. Additionally, as a point of reference, you can browse a selection of IGI Global's most recent publications in the 2020-2021 Reference Book Catalog here.

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Personalized Service

Publish Brochure

We know that juggling the responsibilities of research, writing, and teaching can be difficult. That is why we strive to make our collaborations as easy as possible. Support is offered from the moment that a proposal is submitted, with our Acquisitions Department prepared to answer any questions that a potential editor might have regarding the proposal review process. Once a proposal is accepted, editors and authors are paired with an in-house development contact here at IGI Global. These contacts will provide timely answers to questions, ensure that deadlines are met hassle-free, and facilitate a smooth transition from manuscript to publication.

Quick Turnaround

We have built a name for quality, cutting-edge research. However, we also understand the value of time, and how much time needs to be dedicated to a project from beginning to end. With our top of the line production system, and 100% in-house staff, we are able to cut downtime, which means that a manuscript can be moved to print in a matter of months.

Unlike other major publishers who spend as long as 3 years publishing their book titles, IGI Global offers a quality-centric and expeditious book publication process that can take a book from its initial conceptualization to its final published product in as little as 7-9 months. This allows our authors and editors to share their research with the academic community and their students while the information is still relevant and useful.

Once a book author or editor’s book proposal is accepted and contracted, IGI Global’s Development Team will work with them closely to ensure the successful completion of their project. In addition to this human support, all authors and editors receive access to IGI Global’s eEditorial Discovery® (eED) system free of charge which they can utilize in support of all editorial activities. For book editors, this includes receiving proposals from potential contributing authors, managing the double-blind peer review process, communicating with contributing authors, and also submitting the final manuscript materials. For authors, this includes uploading all draft materials, accessing evaluations of their manuscript, and submitting final revised materials.

While a quick turnaround might sound daunting, we offer varied timeline options in order to ensure the success of book and journal projects. We’re happy to work out a plan that meets your needs!

For those seeking a much shorter timeline of as little as 7-9 months here is what IGI Global offers, and what authors and editors can do to ensure an expeditious turnaround:

What IGI Global OffersWhat Book Editors Can DoWhat Book Authors Can Do
Free use of an advanced manuscript submission system, eEditorial Discovery®, that supports authors and editors with the full management of the project. Be mindful of the schedule of deadlines and ensure that all benchmarks are being hit.Be mindful of the schedule of deadlines and ensure that all benchmarks are being hit.
Seasoned editorial staff and advanced publication workflows that ensure seamless development and production of the electronic and print versions of the work.Ensure that the call for chapters for the publication is active and that all editors on the project are actively engaging potential contributors through various means.Submit the draft manuscript on schedule through the eEditorial Discovery® system and ensure it meets all of IGI Global’s submission guidelines
Robust guidelines, system user guides, templates, and tips for content procurement and publication.Frequently check submissions in the eEditorial Discovery® system and communicate with contributing authors and chapter reviewers frequently to ensure that they are fully aware of all submission guidelines, evaluation criteria, and deadlines. Also, ensure that all chapter authors are having their work professionally proofread and copy edited as this will help to alleviate additional multiple rounds of review and revision that can delay the process.Ensure that any revisions requested are submitted by the specified deadline and that the final manuscript meets all of IGI Global’s submission guidelines.
Offers discounted author services to ensure that the quality of manuscripts is improved, thus alleviating multiple additional rounds of review and revision that can delay the process. Ensure that all final materials are submitted per IGI Global’s submission guidelines and are submitted using the eEditorial Discovery® system.Have the work professionally proofread and copy edited to ensure that there is no need for additional rounds of revisions to improve the quality of the work.

eEditorial Discovery®

IGI Global’s expedited publishing process and strict double-blind peer review process are possible due to its partnership with eEditorial Discovery®, an online submission manager that allows each phase of a project to be uploaded and monitored by the editor(s) and contributors. Contributors upload their submissions to the necessary book or journal project where the editor can assign reviewers, request revisions, make editorial decisions, and select submissions for their final publication. eEditorial Discovery® assists all individuals during the publication process to ensure a smooth transition through each phase.

Author Services

Need help polishing your manuscript for publication? We understand that with tight deadlines and stringent submission guidelines, the publishing process can be quite daunting and we’re here to help. To assist you, IGI Global offers a variety of author services. Learn More.

Take Advantage of Our 10% Discount on Author Services

Authors who seek to publish their manuscript with us and who have had any IGI Global Author Services completed on their work prior to submission or during the review process enjoy the benefits of enhancing their research quality, which subsequently increases the likelihood of acceptance and higher citation impact.

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Quality and Ethics

Our philosophy from day one has been, and will continue to be, publishing content based on the innovative nature and quality presented in the work as opposed to focusing purely on profitability. IGI Global affirms that ethical publication practices are critical to the successful development of knowledge. Therefore, it is the policy of IGI Global to maintain high ethical standards in all publications. These standards pertain to all books, journals, chapters, and articles accepted for publication. Each authored and edited publication undergoes a rigorous double-blind peer review. IGI Global, nor the editors leading book and journal publications, will accept any form of monetary remuneration or publication bribery for the acceptance or expediting of submitted work. The only processing fees that would ever be charged by IGI Global would be for Open Access submissions in the form of Article Processing Charges (APCs), and the payment in those instances would not be requested until after the article manuscript has undergone the double-blind peer review and been accepted for publication. Due to our strict adherence to ethical publishing, we are a recognized member of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).

Additionally, IGI Global is fully integrated with ORCID. When publishing a book, journal, chapter, article, or conducting review activities for journals, we will collect the author, editor, or reviewer's ORCID iD to verify their identity and tie the published work or journal manuscript review to their name. To ensure a streamlined and easy-to-use process, authentication is provided within IGI Global’s submission system, the eEditorial Discovery® System, and also in the IGI Global Online Bookstore. Plus, the unique iD will be displayed next to the individual's name in print and electronic publications.

Also, in order to support our international contributors and mitigate any potential language barriers, IGI Global offers a variety of author services, including high-quality English language copy editing which optimizes the readability of manuscripts to ensure their content is communicated clearly and accurately. Through the English language copy editing service, authors can benefit from rapid turnaround, affordability (at a third of the cost of other providers), and the receipt of a certificate upon job completion certifying the services that have been applied to their manuscript.

Enrichment Opportunities

Feel free to check out our Webinar Series on pressing issues in publishing and discover various techniques, helpful tips, and practical advice to further advance your career, research, and studies. Also, if you have not done so already, sign up for our mailing list to receive the latest news regarding trending research topics, publishing opportunities, exclusive discounts, as well as access to free research content.

Open Access

All of our scholarly journals publish under a hybrid open access model which allows the author to choose whether to publish their article manuscript as open access or as standard subscription-based access. If the author opts to publish the article as open access, the author or funding body pays an article processing charge (APC) (once the article has been accepted following the peer review) in order to make the article freely available online (while also included as part of a subscription-based journal issue). With this option, the published article is immediately made freely available without any embargo.

Additionally, IGI Global is now offering authors and editors the opportunity to submit authored or edited scholarly monographs for open access (OA) publication. Under this model, authors/editors or their funding body pay a Book Processing Charge (BPC), which offsets the costs associated with the production of the work in order to allow it to be freely accessible to all. Operating under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) licensing arrangement, the copyright for the work remains solely with the author(s) of the manuscript. This option is ideal for researchers who are looking to make their work freely and immediately available online without any reading or subscription fees.

Important Note: All IGI Global publications will undergo a rigorous double-blind peer review process and each project accepted under OA receives the same high-quality production process as our non-open access publications.

Fair Use

For individuals publishing under the traditional publishing method, IGI Global provides an industry standard and supportive Fair Use Policy (Green Open Access).

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we understand that certain exceptions may need to be made in order to make IGI Global published content more easily accessible for teaching and learning purposes. Please contact our Intellectual Property and Contracts Department at if there are any special requirements you must fulfill with your IGI Global published content.

International Focus

As an international scholarly publisher, we maintain a global commitment to progressing innovation and the availability of knowledge resources for academicians, independent researchers, industry practitioners, and professionals worldwide. Each of our book, journal, and video contributors benefit from the expansion of their professional and academic networks by partnering with individuals from across the globe to make each and every publication a success.

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